Bivouacs, orienteering, canoeing, walking, canyoning, sailing...
let yourselves be tempted by adventure.

Whether you are looking for excitement, or a relaxing calm, we will offer you the adventure that fits you best.

Our experience allows us to offer you the activities and locations best fitted to your needs and desires.

Canyoning in Corsica in the calanche of Piana.

On the road to a picnic on an inaccessible beach.

Riddle to solve during a race in Morroco before the sports events of the day.

Adventurous canyoning participants in the calanche of Piana, Corsica.

Festive beach camp after a boat trip, Corsica.

Canyoning in Piana, going down the cliffs, jumping and sliding, enjoying the spectacular landscape.

A sailing day with your team: forging bonds!

Getting on the Nairobi-Mombasa train for a police investigation game during a race.

Solving a logic puzzle during a race in Tunisia.

An original way to arrive to the Mont-Saint-Michel: a walk across the bay. Unforgettable sight...

Camping on the beach, great memories with your clients.

Kenya – Police investigation game in the Nairobi-Mombasa train.

Morocco, camp in the High Atlas - Everything is ready for the guests’ arrival.

A night out in the open, stronger memories than in a 5 stars hotel.

Marrakech - Discovering the palm grove by quad.

A day of fun sports activities in the mountain.

Camp in the High Atlas.

Treasure hunt in the Calanques of Marseille.

Entertaining walk near Biarritz, with a basque sports contest.


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