After a company day, a seminar, or simply if you are having an evening of celebration, we offer you a large selection of themes to enlighten your events. We will help you find the best formula, whether it is a dinner, a cocktail, or after dinner.

Fun evening: guests can take part in the various activity available: giant wood games, bar games, ball-trap laser, circuit slot racing...

Quiz evening: a time dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment during which teams must answer to series of questions. The themes will be defined as you will.

Tasting evening: discover new original products through, for instance blind tasting.

Dancing evening: a classic to which we add some fun through original activities: cocktail workshop, dance class and contest, photo studio...

Cluedo evening: see the cluedo section.

Award ceremony during a party.

Happy winners.

Drama workshop – Amongst the participants, some amateur actors play some skits written earlier in the day.

Spectators attentive to their colleagues’ skits.

Drama workshop.

Percussion lessons.

Remote control car tracks, friendly entertainment for parties.


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