To enlighten a seminar, a cocktail, an evening, or to associate them with other activities, Tangram offers various creative, explanatory or relaxing workshops.

Conviviality and team building guaranteed!

Building of a vegetal wall: with the help of a professional, every guest is invited to add its touch by setting up a green plant. The wall can be kept by the company, or offered to a charity.

Making of a giant painting: within a defined theme, each paints a small wood panel; when put together the panels make a giant mosaic, a product of the common effort of the team.

Structures in LEGO: skyscraper building contest or a common reflection on how to create a city; the LEGO blocks offer a time of relaxation to persons of any age.

Conception of a still life: using a variety of objects, fruits, flowers and vegetables, create your own still life and immortalize it with a picture. Be creative!

Tai Chi class: a smooth initiation to this martial art known to benefit both mind and body.

Spice, edible flowers, fruits and vegetable workshop: decorative and explanatory, these workshops are an opportunity to better know what we eat. Origin, use, anecdotes and virtues of these essential elements of our gastronomy will be explained by our staff.

Creating a green wall.

Painting workshop : everyone paints on a small wood canva.

...Which will be combined with others to form a large mosaic.

Lego workshop, trying to build the best tower.

Europe themed painting workshop in Brussels.

The paintings of the day are exhibited.

Creating a heart themed mosaic in the tropics.

Spices of the world - an educational, decorative and gourmet workshop.

Edible flower tasting.

Each team contributes to create a colorful mosaic.

Fruits and vegetables: origins, properties, anecdotes. An exciting workshop about food.

Reproduction of Picasso’s painting. A good counterfeiter job...

Lego constructions.

Arrange objects, fruits, flowers and vegetables to create your own still life!

and a jury will decide which one is the best.

Enjoying a relaxing moment with a tai chi lesson.

Berlin - Creating a work of art with waste materials during an event about sustainable development.


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