Multi activity challenge

Sport, logic, dexterity, creativity, team spirit, sense of observation, memory, knowledge...

This fun multi activity challenge provides a varied experience where anyone can express his talent!

Depending on the objectives of the day and the profile of the participants, we can put the emphasis on physical activities, or on the opposite, on creative and intellectual activities, but to satisfy everybody’s preferences, the best remains diversity.

The participants, divided in teams, take tests in an order decided in advance for maximal efficiency. Rankings are calculated using the results of the different games.

This activity can take place indoors or outdoors, depending on the location, the weather, by picking the most suited tests.

Bungee run.

Creative workshops also take place during the multi activity challenge.

Solving the brainteasers.

A team cheering a stilts champion.

Creativity, organization and speed will be needed to build the most beautiful Lego tower.

Hitting the bull’s eye.

Ball trap laser, a harmless game.

Breath and precision are needed to win the blowpipe contest.

Balance and confidence to finish the stilts race.

For the athletes, a football competition during the multi activity challenge.

A pair of skis, 4 participants - ski race – balance and coordination will help you take the lead.

Multi activity challenge, blowpipe contest.

Urban stilts initiation, easier than it seems to be.

Bilboquet – trial n°2 during this multi activity challenge.

Bilboquet – Not so easy...

Blindfolded mushroom picking, under the guidance of team partners.

Bike orienteering... Don’t miss the markers!

Petanque contest, a classic of the multi activity challenge.

Jigsaw puzzle contest, all types of talents are needed for this multi activity challenge.

Jumping with bouncing balls.

Human table football.

Brainteaser contest. Logic, speed and organization will help you earn some points.

Take your brushes and get ready, artistic events are not forgotten during the Olympics.


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