Scavenger Hunts

To discover in a fun, friendly, interactive way a region, city, district, museum...

By foot, bike, or car, the participants divided in teams, will receive a road book [in colors] containing a detailed map, cultural background, directions and question carefully prepared.
At some steps, fun tests will be offered by the organizers, in order to give the journey rhythm and to create positive interactions between teams.

A classic for many years, the scavenger hunt remains a fantastic team-building activity:
The participants’ interest is developed by the novelty or the destination and the questions’ quality. The variety of activities allows each one to express his talent for the team (observation, skills, sense of direction, general knowledge, skill or logical thinking).
While the search is engaging and active, it is designed to have a relaxing rhythm. Moreover, the fun walk promotes exchanges within the teams.

We will create you a customized itinerary wherever you want!

Paris - Scavenger hunt in the Marais, archway, place des Vosges.

Discovering Versailles – a cultural team building project.

Scavenger hunt in Paris, an opportunity to discover unusual places and secret passages.

Scavenger hunt at the Louvre, an entertaining introduction to history of art.

Observing a painting during a game at the Louvre.

Singing lesson with Figaro during a walk in the old town of Seville.

Scavenger hunt in Saint-Germain des Prés.

Seville - scavenger hunt.

Lisbon - Making azulejos tiles during a scanvenger hunt, by foot, tram and bicycle.

Versailles – small boat tour on the Grand Canal to discover a clue.

Versailles, Grand Canal, who will paddle the best?

Brussels, everyone adds a character in this painting inspired by Brueghel.

Lego contest before a scavenger hunt.

Amboise - boat ride on the Loire river during a discovery event.

Bilboquet champions in Saint-Germain des Prés.

Paris – Petanque contest in the Luxembourg garden.

Dressed up participants ready for an entertaining event in Versailles.

Paris - Historical Enigma about the 3 Musketeers. Athos, Portos, Aramis or D'Artagnan?

Scavenger hunt in Annecy.

Modern Art holds no secret for this team after a cultural and entertaining day at Beaubourg.

Scavenger hunt on Paris’ Mysterious Islands.

An original way to discover Amboise with a multi-activity scavenger hunt.

Take an original team shot and you will earn some extra points.

New installation in the Palais Royal’s courtyard in Paris.

Satisfied with their bridge.

Lisbon – Portuguese wine tasting during a scavenger hunt in the city.

Scavenger hunt in the Quartier latin – Snack time before the awards.


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